Goat & Pebble Co. is art, design, craft, and other wonderful things created by Molly Gray. The name Goat & Pebble comes from the G, of Gray, and the P, of Prajoux (Molly's husband Phil's last name), and the Co., is the family members that encourage us to continue to pursue our passion. When you buy from Goat & Pebble Co. you are 100% supporting an independent artist and not a big box chain. THANK YOU!

With a farm studio in Fort Langley, Goat & Pebble’s designs are often inspired by surrounding nature, local wildlife and other cute critters. Thoughtfully constructed and handcrafted, our designs are intended to be artful gifts and well-used special somethings. Each piece is made (with a lot of love) by the artist/artisan.

Meet Molly

Molly is a multi-media artist working predominantly with lino-cut and silkscreen
printmaking techniques as well as painting with acrylics and watercolours.
When she’s not creating, Molly spends her time with Phil, trying to grow a vegetable garden, doing yard work, and watching TV.

Meet Phil

Phil is an actor, weightlifting enthusiast, and one heck of a life companion. You can check out his IMDB page and follow him on Twitter,  and Instagram. He loves staying up-to-date on current events, and recently has rekindled his interest in F1 racing. P.S. Phil does all the heavy lifting for Goat & Pebble Co.

Meet Barbara (Molly's Mom) - of Boodle's Cuddlers

Barbara, or Boodles, is a quilter. She started quilting in 2005 and has since made over 250 quilts, really closer to 300 now!! When she is not quilting you can find Boodles tending her beautiful garden.