Collaborations & Services

We are always happy to collaborate on projects, big or small. Here is a guideline of services we provide and starting points for pricing. For a more accurate estimate, please email us.

Hand Carved Stamp Pricing

Suitable for printing on fabric or paper.

Each stamp comes mounted on a wood block.



1 x 2” – 3 x 3”

$ 25 - $ 45

3 x 4” – 4 x 5”

$ 50 - $ 65

4 x 6” – 6 x 6”

$ 70 - $100

6 x 8 – 8 x 10”

$125 - $150



Larger and smaller sizes available by request.

Vector Logo/Image Conversion

This service is suitable for when you have a pre-existing drawing/illustration and you want it converted into a file suitable for digital printing, without the image being grainy or pixilated. Vector conversion is suitable for black and white line drawings only. If you have an existing multi-coloured image/drawing you want made into a digital file suitable for printing, that becomes a graphic design job, and pricing can be found below.


Illustration/Graphic Design/Book Layout Design

If you have an idea of an image or design you want created for digital printing, but are not artistically inclined, we can make it come to life. This service includes all digital design, where the final product is a .pdf or .eps file.


minimum 1 hour fee

Silkscreen and Relief Printing

We love making custom silkscreen and relief print designs. If you want something 100% unique and made just for you, be it a pillow, or a wall hanging print, we can make it.

Design fee $50/hr

Printing Fee $ 25/hr + material costs

minimum 1 hour fee

Custom Wholesale Screen/Relief Printing

Wholesale pricing starts with a minimum purchase order of 20 items per design.

An individual quote will be created depending on the scope of your project. At this time we are not printing on t-shirts and we are only set up for single colour printing.

Pricing is based on ready to print vector files. Should you require artwork to converted into a vector file, a $25 will be added, and should you need artwork to be created, a $50/hr design fee will apply.

Other Services Available

Hand Printed Baby Quilts                                                        Starting at $180   

Hand Carved Stencils                                                              Starting at $ 25

Custom Paintings                                                                    Starting at $150


* Goat & Pebble Co. will not print any artwork from another artist/designer without written consent from the original creator.

*All custom work requires a non-refundable 50% deposit before project is started and the remaining 50% to be paid upon completion. GST not included in pricing.

* Prices may be subject to change at maker’s discretion depending on material cost availability.

* All Goat & Pebble Co. products will have the Goat & Pebble Co. logo unless otherwise discussed ahead of printing.